SpinPoi Sock Poi for Certified Instructors

$9.00 NZD

These stretchy sock poi have a beautiful feel. One side features the SpinPoi logo, and there is a slit which allows you to add your own weight.


  • Material: nylon spandex
  • Length: 670mm or 2.1 feet
  • Colors: SpinPoi teal, rose, cream, white
  • SpinPoi logo is printed on one side

Please note these poi DO NOT come with weights. Price is per pair and does not include shipping (shipping will be calculated when you check out).

Where were these poi made?

Star Sports, a sole proprietorship of Mr Wee in Malaysia, is a small business retailing sports attire and equipment as well as providing services such as alterations and custom branding. Mr Wee is very conscious about how his small business can contribute to the betterment of his local community and the environment. Mr wee contributes his time and makes donations to local organizations, uses the EcoDye brand which is chemical free in his business process, and contracts with a single mother of two in his community for his alternations and other stitching jobs.