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Becoming a certified SpinPoi instructor will give you the credibility and resources you need to facilitate safe and engaging poi sessions in a health/wellness context. In addition, you will gain access to exclusive resources to help you on your journey, and become part of the global community of certified instructors.


Poi for Seniors: Sit & Spin

This certification is for working with poi and seniors who will primarily stay seated during exercise. It is self-directed and can be completed entirely virtually. $130 USD (includes application and study materials). Read the application instructions.

Poi for Seniors: Up & Spin

This certification is for working with poi and seniors who will primarily stand during exercise. It is self-directed and can be completed entirely virtually. $130 USD (includes application and study materials). Read the application instructions.

Poi for Seniors: Combined

This certification is for those who will work with older adults who will both sit and stand during exercise. It is self-directed and can be completed entirely virtually. $165 USD (includes application and study materials). Read the application instructions.

Virtual Certification Course

Are you interested in completing a certification but feel you need hands-on training? We offer a 2-day virtual certification course that will walk you through all of the necessary components to become a confident SpinPoi instructor.

Application Process

1. Read the application instructions

Please carefully review the Application Instructions PDF below before moving forward with your application. It is important to ensure you understand what is involved in applying, and that you are eligible to apply, before proceeding.

2. Purchase your application and study materials

Once you have carefully reviewed the application instructions and are ready to move forward, you will need to purchase 2 things in order to apply: the application and the study materials

3. Turn in qualifying documents, written exam, and practical exams

Once you have purchased your application and study materials, you will gain access to the certification portal where you can take the written exam and keep track of your progress. There is no deadline for turning in the materials, so you can take your time and complete the components of the application at your own pace.

4. Become certified!

Once you have turned in all the application components, your application will be reviewed. This process takes 1-2 weeks. If successful, you will join the global community of SpinPoi certified instructors and gain access to additional resources to support you on your journey. If any changes are required, you will be notified and given the opportunity to address the changes and resubmit your application.


Yes! You will need to do a bit of practicing, but anyone can learn the poi movements necessary in order to fulfill the certification requirements. The SpinPoi Beginner Pack or our Facilitator Training are great resource for learning everything you’ll need to pass the certification.

Yes! A certain level of experience working with older adults is required, but if you have never worked with older adults before don’t fret. Try reaching out to your local retirement villages/aged care facilities and explain that you are interested in teaching some poi classes. They will likely be excited to try a new activity, and you will gain experience working with older adults, which will be necessary in order to pass the practical exam for the certification.

The Sit & Spin and Up & Spin certifications cost $130 USD ($90 application fee, and $40 for the study materials). The Combined certification costs $165 USD ($125 application fee, $40 for the study materials). If cost is a barrier, you can always fill out the resource subsidy form.

Your certification is valid for 1 year. Before your certification is due to expire, you will receive an email with instructions on how to renew. This process will include a brief refresher course and questions regarding your work as a poi instructor over the past year. The fee for renewal is $50 USD.

Both certifications involve the same process and components (written exam, practical exam, and qualifying documents). The primary difference is in the poi proficiency exam (Up & Spin requires knowledge of more advanced poi moves) and in the written exam questions (different knowledge is required to teach those who will sit vs. those who will stand. This is covered in the different study materials).

Yes, the whole certification can be completed online. If you do want some extra help, Kate offers in person training courses which will prepare you for completing the certification. Check out Events and Workshops to see any upcoming trainings, or email [email protected] to inquire about booking a training session.

The police check and letter of recommendation are hard requirements, so unfortunately you will not be eligible to apply for the certification.

The written exam can be taken as many times as you like with no additional fee. Each time you take the exam you will receive immediate feedback on which questions you got wrong and where the correct answer can be found.

The practical exam can be resubmitted as many times as you like for an additional fee of $25 USD. If you do not pass the practical exam you will receive feedback on what parts needs improvement.

The review process typically takes 1-2 weeks. If you do not hear back within this time frame, please feel free to get in touch with Kate at [email protected] to enquire about the progress of your application review.

As a certified instructor you will gain access to additional resources to support you on your journey, such as poi routines, documents to help you run your classes smoothly (consent forms, invoices, etc.) and you will gain access to the SpinPoi certified instructors forum. You will also receive a certificate and be listed on, and be promoted as a certified instructor across SpinPoi’s social media.

Feel free to get in touch with Dr. Kate Riegle van West at [email protected] with any additional queries.

Certified Instructors

Eunice Te Rangiuaia
Auckland, New Zealand

Ko Ngāti Porou, ko Ngāti Kāhu ōku Iwi. My passions are working with tamariki, Kuia and Kaumātua. [email protected]

Jesse Moran
Victoria, Australia

Disability Support Worker specialising with children and adults on the Autism Spectrum with a background in Outdoor Leadership. [email protected]

Karanjot Kaur
California, USA

Poi spinner and research assistant at the Comparative Cognition Lab and Cognitive Science Department at UC San Diego. [email protected]

Izabela Nurkowska
Dublin, Ireland

Owner of Flow Studio, fitness instructor, flow artist, and martial artist specializing in Shaolin Kung Fu.

Anja Lohoff
Haag in Oberbayern, Germany

Carer for disabled people, supporting those with Parkinson’s in a geriatric hospital. [email protected]

Joanne Paton
Auckland, New Zealand

Rehabilitation assistant at Middlemore Hospital primarily working with patients rehabbing from stroke or other neurological conditions. [email protected]

Janine Warne
NSW, Australia

Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator with over 30 years experience working in aged care facilities, 6 of those specializing in disability. [email protected]

Hilary Williams
Mapua, New Zealand

Fitness instructor at Move Good Now specializing in the physical and neurological benefits of movement and exercise in a group environment. [email protected]

David Bulger
Florida, USA

Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher with experience in fitness, personal training, and flow arts. [email protected]

Deb Gully
Wellington, New Zealand

Nutrition Coach and Certified Natural Health Practitioner in Energy Kinesiology specializing in chronic health issues. [email protected]

Maria Niedermann
Uster, Switzerland

Physiotherapist specializing in rehabilitation for older adults post surgery or with neurological disease.

Bruno Rubini
Auckland, New Zealand

Tai Chi instructor specializing in mindful movement with additional qualifications in massage therapy and nutrition. [email protected]

Jamie Moore
London, United Kingdom

Social arts facilitator specializing in circus and intellectual disability with additional qualifications in community theatre. [email protected]

Kate Riegle van West
Auckland, New Zealand

Founder of SpinPoi, with a PhD in the effects of poi on physical and cognitive function for older adults. [email protected]