SpinPoi Certification: Self-Directed Application

$125.00 USD

Whether you've been teaching for years or are just starting your poi journey, becoming a certified SpinPoi instructor will give you the credibility and resources you need to facilitate safe and engaging poi sessions in a health/wellness context.

Please note this certification path is completely self-directed. You can work through the components in your own time at your own pace.


Before purchasing an application, please visit spinpoi.com/certifications to ensure you are eligible to apply and you understand what will be required to successfully complete the application process.

What’s included?

Upon purchasing this application you will receive:

✔︎ Access to the Course Portal including the Written Exam

✔︎ Access to the Course Video which covers the history of poi, the research on poi and wellbeing, and session facilitation and pedagogy. The video is comprised of a series of slides narrated by Dr. Kate Riegle van West. Run time 43 minutes.

What else do I need to purchase?

In addition to the application, you will need to purchase your study materials. This will either be the Senior Pack or ECE Pack as linked below, depending on which certification you have chosen.

Complete Seniors Pack
Complete Early Childhood Education Pack

Additionally, you may also wish to purchase the Beginner Poi Pack if you’d like extra support with the poi movements. This resource is not required but is recommended if you are new to poi.