Ultimate Beginner Pack

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Learn how to master beautiful poi movements with our fun and easy-to-follow beginner pack. This pack comes with two comprehensive video courses that will teach you the fundamentals of poi and how to connect poi movements into flowing routine to music.

This pack is perfect for anyone…

✔︎ Interested in learning the art of poi in an easy-to-follow way, from the comfort of your own home

✔︎ Looking for a gentle activity to help your mind and body relax and de-stress

✔︎ Looking for a way to increase physical activity that is actually fun!

✔︎ Interested in teaching others how to play poi

What you’ll get

SpinPoi Fundamentals Course

27 videos, run time = 1 hour

The SpinPoi Fundamentals Course will teach you the building blocks of poi from the ground up with a focus on fundamental concepts. By understanding these concepts you will unlock the gateway to infinite poi movements and combinations. This will not only benefit your personal poi practice, but enable you to facilitate poi sessions across a wide range of ages and abilities.

Beginner Routine Series

7 videos, run time = 35 minutes

This Beginner Routine Series will teach you more advanced poi movements, and how to connect those movements into a flowing poi routine set to music. The poi movements covered in the series are the Forward Figure 8 (same and split time), Backward Figure 8 (same and split time), Extended Pendulum with turning, Circular Pendulum, and Butterfly.

Why it works

Poi is scientifically proven to benefit physical and cognitive function for older adults. A clinical trial on poi and health conducted by Dr. Kate Riegle van West showed significant improvements in grip strength, balance, and attention after playing poi for just one month. In addition, poi is undeniably fun!


“I’ve been wanting to learn poi for a long time and I started watching the SpinPoi Series today – SpinPoi is the best! I love the way you teach. Simple, straightforward, clear, and inspiring” Jeri

“Shortly after I started spinning I began to notice changes in my mood. I would find myself feeling positive about life and my place in this world. I no longer suffer from depression and my anxiety problems have also greatly improved. I would recommend spinning poi to anyone, not only for the health benefits but for the hours of fun that follow.” John

30-day money back guarantee 

If you’re not happy with this product for any reason, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment. Simply send an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive your payment back in full.