SpinPoi Resource Subsidy

SpinPoi’s mission is to improve wellbeing for people of all ages and abilities through poi. We believe now more than ever that accessible, affordable, evidence-based tools like poi will play an important role in supporting physical and mental health, and that we need to be proactive about implementing these tools in our community. Therefore, we have created a scholarship to support those who like to work with SpinPoi resources to share the health benefits of poi. Simply explain via the form below which digital resource(s) from the SpinPoi shop you’d like to work with, and how they will benefit you and your community. Please note the subsidy is valid for digital resources only.

We cannot guarantee that every application will be accepted – as a small social enterprise we are fighting to stay afloat ourselves – but we are committed to supporting each and every applicant to the best of our ability. We look forward to working with you to make the world a better place, one orbit at a time.

– Dr. Kate Riegle van West. Founder and CEO, SpinPoi Ltd