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Why SpinPoi Works

A clinical trial conducted on poi, health, and older adults found that after just one month of poi practice seniors improved their grip strength, balance, and attention. These are some of the hallmarks of frailty, and extremely important when thinking about maintaining or improving quality of life as we age. Plus, poi is tons of fun!

If you are working with older adults, or would like to work with older adults, and are looking for…

✔︎  A way to increase physical exercise through gentle movement, from a seated or standing position

✔︎  A way to increase cognitive activity and keep the mind engaged

✔︎  A fun activity for all levels of care that will foster lots of laughter and social interaction

✔︎  An activity that is evidence based and scientifically proven to work

Then SpinPoi is for you!

Poi for Seniors Pack

What Aged Care Staff are Saying

Our residents are loving our SpinPoi sessions. We do get a good laugh along the way and feedback from residents is very positive. What I have noticed particularly is how they follow instructions (something that they usually have difficulties with – and the concentration!). I even have one resident telling others how good it is and recruiting new members.

Elaine, Activities Coordinator, Southlands Residential Home Limited

SpinPoi inspired me to incorporate poi into my dance classes for the 50yrs+, and made the process of adding poi to an existing group fitness class very straight forward. While the thinky brain benefits are clear, the humour, creativity and sheer joy from participants has meant we now have another element to our dance routines.

Hilary, Founder of Move Good Now

Poi could potentially be one of the most affordable, simple and effective interventions globally to alleviate the growing amount of depression, loneliness and isolation in older adults. We have seen our older residents smile or laugh out loud, socialize and develop new friendships, and engage both their minds and their bodies despite their age and physical or cognitive abilities.

Orquidea, Registerer Diversional Therapist, President of the New Zealand Society of Diversional and Recreational Therapists

The Scientifically Proven Benefits of Poi Spinning

A clinical trial measuring the effects of poi on physical and cognitive function for older adults showed significant improvements in grip strength, balance, and attention after playing poi for just one month. Poi has the perfect mix of physical movement, cognitive stimulation, and playfulness to keep the brain and body engaged as we age.

Grip strength

Grip strength is an important predictor of overall health, bone mineral density, likelihood of falls, general disability, and overall mortality in older adults.


Maintaining balance helps stabilize our core muscles, makes us feel steadier on our feet, and helps prevent falls. This is especially important as we age, as falls and fear of falling are major health concerns.


Our ability to concentrate on certain stimuli is a fundamental cognitive ability. It plays an important role in everyday functioning, from driving to studying to succeeding at work.

Get Spinning with the SpinPoi Seniors Pack

The SpinPoi Seniors Pack is a comprehensive digital resource for those who would like to facilitate poi sessions for older adults.

What you’ll get

✔︎  Complete Facilitator’s .Pdf Guide

This digital .pdf guide covers everything you need to know to work with poi and older adults including the health benefits of poi, the types of poi, how to prepare for a session, beginner and intermediate poi movements, poi routines, and warm-up and cool-down exercises. Upon purchase you will receive access to a digital .pdf guide which can be viewed online or printed at your convenience. The guide is 39 pages long.

✔︎  Routine Videos (x5 videos)

These easy to follow poi routines will have everyone twirling to the beat! You will receive 5 videos of poi routines, each one set to music and showcasing different movements. The routines are demonstrated from a seated position, but can be practiced standing as well. The total run time of the videos is 10 minutes.

Who it’s for

✔︎  Those working with seniors of all levels of care, from independently living to assisted living to hospital

✔︎  Those who would like to introduce a new skill to their clients, but don’t have time to master the skill or create lesson plans

✔︎  Those who are looking for ways to increase their clients physical and cognitive engagement, as well as have tons of fun!

See SpinPoi in Action

Watch Dr. Kate Riegle van West, Founder and CEO of SpinPoi, working with poi at an aged care facility in New Zealand as featured on TV3.

See how older adults across all levels of care are playing poi at the HoviClub aged care facility in Bali, Indonesia.

Making poi is a simple and fun craft activity

Making poi is a great craft activity for all levels of abilities. Check out this video on 3 easy ways to make poi from things around the house, or visit the SpinPoi shop to purchase our beautiful made-to-order poi which are safe for all levels of care.

Now try your first poi moves!

Follow along with this gentle poi routine which can be done sitting or standing. This video was created in conjunction with the MinDArT Program at Massey University, which aims to help maintain fine motor skills and improve communication, wellbeing, and self-esteem for people with dementia and their supporters.

Try the SpinPoi Senior Pack Risk Free with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with the Seniors Pack for any reason just let us know and we’ll refund your payment, no questions asked. Simply send an email to [email protected] and you’ll receive your full payment back.

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