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People all over the world are experiencing the power of poi, from physical to mental to emotional benefits and everything in between! Check out the amazing stories below for some intimate truths about the positive influence of poi, or click the button to share your own story.

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Misty White

Tempe, Arizona, USA

The doctor/surgeon said I would never be able to spin poi again after they cut my sternum open for heart surgery but they were wrong. I started spinning as soon as my chest didn't hurt any more in the nursing home physical therapy room. The physical therapist there saw my progress and let the elderly spin bean bags as well if they wanted to try what I was doing. It greatly improved their progress because they were having fun. Some even came to my room outside of p.t. time to get lessons.

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Neebha Budhoo

Durban, South Africa

I learnt to spin poi when I was dealing with all sorts of changes in my life. It absorbed the fear and hesitation, and gave me courage, possibility, and the thrill of something new. Since then, it’s always been something I can lose myself in, and find myself in. It’s one of the most valuable tools I have to ground my emotions, distract from anxiety, and refocus myself - a mental sanctuary.

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Zoran Strbac

Bjelovar, Croatia

Poi has had a great impact on my life. Because I am so hyperactive and have ADHD poi helps me focus and calms me down. Every time I spin I don’t think about anything else, just that moment in time. My hand and leg coordination has improved dramatically which is mostly noticeable in my sport life. Currently I am doing fire shows as much as I can. With my friend we do a lot of workshops, especially for kids and older people (we work with lots of senior homes and youth associations for gifted kids), because we love seeing the look on their face when they learn a move or two and they thought that this is impossible.

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Daniel Hawk


Poi has transformed my life, in a very good way. Poi forces you to learn spatial awareness, awareness of the world around you. You learn timing, ambidexterity, focus, gain flexibility, react faster, and can begin to multitask your motions. In my opinion, it bonds your mind with your body, while simultaneously making both better.

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Colorado, USA

A few years ago, in my early 50's, I had a horrid case of pneumonia that lasted for months; I'd also injured my knee, which took weeks to heal. I was getting very depressed. I believe that poi was an important healing force for me. It wasn't too physically demanding, yet it let me get range of motion and coordination at my own pace. It was always exciting to master a new weave. It got me off the couch without hurting me, it cheered me up, it gave me a chance to laugh at myself a lot, and it was great for my confidence and mood. And SO fun.

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Maxwellian Viessenberg

The low resistance and technical nature of poi spinning was perfect to complete my full rehabilitation from my illness, many years after my last physical therapy session. I drilled and drilled the basics, gaining fluency with my movements and regaining feeling of where my limbs were in relation to my body. I now use poi as a form of mindfulness meditation and as a reminder of how far you can come if you work diligently at something for a long time.

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