Karakia Timatanga

Karakia are Māori incantations and prayers that are used to invoke spiritual guidance and protection, pay honor to those who came before us, and to bless the space. Play or say this poi Karakia Timatanga (Opening Prayer) before beginning your poi session. The last words, “Taiki E” (pronounced “tie key aye”) should be spoken by everyone in the group, as they are used to signal that the group is united and ready to move forward together.

Mā ngā Atua Māori, e tiakina, e arohaina i ahau,

ma rere tōtika a te mahi pai.

Mā te rere a te poi, ka tau ai, te mauri ki roto i a tātou.

Haumi E, Hui E, Taiki E.

May the Māori Gods protect us, love us,

and guide us in doing good work.

Let the flow of the poi give us energy and life.

Join, Gather, Unite.

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