Poi in Aged Care Webinar

What is poi?

For hundreds of years the Maori people of New Zealand have practiced poi, an art form that involves swinging a weight on a cord in circles. Today there are many different styles of poi being practiced across the globe by people of all ages and abilities. There is also clinical research that shows poi is not only empowering and fun for older adults, but it improves grip strength, attention and balance. Click here to learn more about poi and older adults.

What will this webinar cover?

This webinar will be an introduction to poi in aged care. It will cover the health benefits of poi for older adults, the different types of poi, and some fun and challenging poi movements in a hands-on poi experience.

Who is the webinar presenter?

This webinar will be presented by Dr. Kate Riegle van West, the Founder and CEO of SpinPoi. Kate conducted the first scientific study in the world on poi and health, and is the leading global exponent in working with poi as a therapeutic tool.

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