Tara SPINJA Stratton

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I started dance training at the age of seven with progression to a senior/assistant teaching. My later years produced injuries from racing cars and life’s incidents therefore I required assistance to my wellness and life balance. My adventure into the movement of Flowarts (specifically poi) was attractive and became of utmost importance with ongoing, positive achievements 🙂

Poi has improved my overall physical, mental and spiritual health and I am inspired to communicate these benefits in all poi’s creation diversity. Poi-based concepts through an interactive workshop atmosphere advances the creative processes and as we all know, so much more… The poi benefits also endorse community development; cultural awareness and growth, and I wish to encourage the importance of this Flowart culture everywhere, to everyone of all ages.

My passage into the Flowart of Poi has been beyond motivational; the ability to spin various poi types provides me with the required rehabilitation to maintain long term physical zen. To also have the ability to promote POI through multi-level dance animation and make lasting impressions with a visual art experience that is unique, hypnotizing, and whimsical is my poifect passion…