Colorado, USA

A few years ago, in my early 50’s, I had a horrid case of pneumonia that lasted for months; I’d also injured my knee, which took weeks to heal. I was getting very depressed. I don’t remember how I found Nick Woolsey on You Tube, but it was a revelation. Poi were easily affordable for me, so I sent for a set and started working through Nick’s videos. I really started picking it up.

Nick has gentle humor, is a great teacher and makes the videos fun and entertaining. I’ll always be a fan.

I believe that poi was an important healing force for me. It wasn’t too physically demanding, yet it let me get range of motion and coordination at my own pace. Yoga or dance were too much for me. Even Chi Gong was just too difficult at the time. But poi was easy enough on me at first. It was always exciting to master a new weave. It got me off the couch without hurting me, it cheered me up, it gave me a chance to laugh at myself a lot, and it was great for my confidence and mood. And SO fun.

I believe poi has great potential for people who have mobility issues, and it helps with moods, too. It’s a great distraction but you also get nice rewards when you master a new technique. For me it was both physically and psychologically beneficial, and I believe it really helped me get back on my feet.