Spiral Flow Series

Congratulations on taking the leap…

…and beginning your poi journey. There is so much magic and wonder ahead! The video below is the final routine we will be working toward. Remember, everything here can be practiced at your own pace and in your own space, so take your time, have fun, and enjoy the flow.

– Dr. Kate Riegle van West, SpinPoi Founder & CEO

This routine is to the song “In The Background” by New Zealand artist Brenda Liddard. To purchase the song or hear more of Brenda’s beautiful music, visit www.brendaliddiard.co.nz.

1) Manifest Your First Poi.

In order to begin your journey, you will need some poi! There are many different types of poi, but I suggest starting with sock poi as they are super easy to make, very durable, and the length and weight can easily be customized. Check out the tutorial below on how to make your own sock poi from things around the house.

2) Get Yourself Ready.

Now that you have your poi, it’s time to learn how to hold them and some best practices to ensure you get off to a safe and happy start.

3) Get Into the Flow: Corkscrew.

It’s time to learn your very first poi move! The corkscrew is a beautiful movement in which the poi chase each other in a spiral pattern. Spiral movements naturally resonate with your body and will help you gain a greater freedom of movement while creating space in your joints

4) Get Into the Flow: Chasing the Sun.

Chasing the Sun is one of my all time favorite poi movements, as it feels amazing to do and teaches you how to do a 180 degree turn without interrupting the flow of your poi.

5) Get Into the Flow: Flower.

A flower is a circle of circles, meaning your poi creates circles, or petals, while your arm moves in a circle as well. It’s an amazing stretch for your back, shoulders, arms, and wrists. If you were to trace the path of the poi you would see a mesmerizing pattern emerge that looks just like a beautiful flower.

6) Put It All Together.

Now it’s time to learn how to connect all of the movements you’ve learned into a flowing routine. Being able to change from one movement to the next is an exciting part of your flow journey as it enables you to play freely. The video below will walk you through all of the transitions used in the final routine, which can be viewed at the very beginning of this page.

Congratulations! You have reached the end of the Spiral Flow series, and the beginning of a lifelong journey with endless movements to keep your mind and body happy. What is the next step of your poi practice? Perhaps it’s learning more about the health benefits of poi, learning how to facilitate poi sessions for others, or becoming a Certified SpinPoi Instructor. Whatever path you choose, enjoy the ride and remember to take things one orbit at a time.