Zuz Soutova

Slovakia/Czech Republic

Poi is my life companion for over 15 years now and it still brings me joy every day 🙂 One of the main reasons why I love poi & flow arts so much is that it gives me a total freedom in combining different art forms – including visual arts & dance. As a creator I can do anything from making choreographies, videos, creating costumes, sewing poi and flags, designing graphic patterns for visual poi to building a whole performance and it’s still connected together! Another very important reason is that it makes me feel good and relaxed. 

I believe that poi is a unique form of meditation, a challenge for the brain, a dance partner for the body and a magic tool for group work – all in one! I see that in my classes, workshops or trainings – it’s always so exciting to see people grow no matter how old they are or what their profession is. I love the intensity of focus, when people are learning new moves or pattern. And I also enjoy the giggles and fun we have, when we make mistakes. I believe that a hidden part of my job as a teacher is to show people that mistakes are ok and it’s ok to be playful as a child 🙂 A hidden part of my job as a choreographer is to motivate people to go beyond their limits and transform their mistakes into art that can be presented on stage. And as a performer I want to share the beauty of poi dancing on stage with as many people as possible.

I strongly believe that poi has a big potential as a tool for working with groups. One of my biggest dreams is to have a poi dance company pushing the boundaries of poi dance as performing art including singing and work with voice as contemporary art, inspired by the original Maori culture. It sounds crazy, I know 😀  Over the last 2 years I’ve created a choreographic workshop POICHESTRA, which I presented at several festivals, and there’s so much potential, that I’ve barely touched! I can’t wait to get older with poi and keep experimenting along the way 🙂

Poi lessons
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