Verònica Rodrìguez


My pregnancy story with pois

I used to say that poi is like designing geometry with our body and movements, it’s like to draw with our arms to discover the geometry around us, that has always existed, in an invisible way.

Poi has the magical power of helping you to synchronize both sides of the body, the two hemispheres, alining inside and outside, up and down. It’s a very powerful instrument to teach you about life, and has shown me that it is not a static thing but a continued process of synchronization, of duality and of our different bodies (body physical, emotional and spiritual as well).

While I was pregnant my belly wanted to dance all kind of rhythms, moving and shaking. I felt that poi gave me this power with an excellent exercise that I recommend 100% to practice on this special period of a woman’s life.

The first challenge was to continue making all my traditional play without touching my belly. I started very slowly, enjoying the baby movement. I’m Venezuelan but a big part of my pregnancy was in Italy. In Italian, “pregnancy” is said “gravidanza” and for me, it was like the “Dance without Gravity” for the baby.

I was practising Tai Chi as well, until the 8th month, and I found both complementary to precise movements and focus on our present. Very powerful exercises.

My baby today is one year old and I see him with very good movement skills, precise, fast and very curious, and I’m very excited to teach him and practice with him the beautiful art of poi.