Karen Turnbull


I took poi up for many reasons but have found that it has helped me in more ways than expected. It’s definitely helping me with my Multiple Sclerosis (MS), as it keep my brain and body active. I have muscle weakness in both arms so a daily poi workout is helping loads. I also use it as a form of pain management as I know I can feel pain, but it becomes less of a priority when you’re focusing on executing a certain poi move.

I was always drawn to poi as I see it as a form of Tai Chi when all you are aware of is how you body moves and feels travelling through spaces. I use it as a sort of meditation tool as when I’m in the flow all I’m focusing on is the here and now, which trust me, is very beneficial for MSers as we tend to worry a lot about tomorrow and the future.

It frustrates the hell outta me sometimes when I cant seem to grasp the simplest of moves but I’m learning to literally “go with the flow” now. Poi is absolutely good for mind, body and soul.