Jinju Dasalla


With all my formal training and education in neuroscience and the mental health field, what has interestingly become one of the most powerful tools in my toolbox for personal healing and transformation is something I would have never expected – the Flow Arts, specifically the art and practice of dancing with poi, the hoop, and with fire, dancing being the key word.

My first experience with poi was when I was six years old living in Hawaii. Little did I realize the imprint that not only the poi, but the polynesian culture had made on me in those few years. I re-discovered the art at a Burning Man Festival nearly 20 years later and the moment I saw it, my soul began to remember. I immediately knew I had to learn and as I began practicing on my own, it was like coming home. It didn’t take long before I not only fell in love, but it became my sanctuary. This unique form of movement meditation and dance became my vehicle not only for healing and centering, but also for re-discovering the wisdom that lives within the body. Through this art, I have been able to awaken the fire within my soul and reclaim a universal sense of joy through playful and creative expression. This art and practice (and Flow Arts in general) has been the most transformative vessel I have discovered that weaves together aspects of the human condition that often remain separate and seemingly disconnected for many. In this practice, infinite aspects of one’s being and of humanity can come alive and harmonize . . . . mind with body, head with heart, and science with spirituality. Furthermore, when dancing with Fire, there is a sacred connection to one of the most powerful elements in Nature. In meeting the fire, there is the opportunity to take all my fears, and dreams, come face-to-face with them in the flames and then embrace them in the dance.

When we discover something that brings so much joy and healing, we often can’t help but want to share it with others. Beauty that Transforms was birthed in 2012 as a way to share this art and practice with the world in the context of healing, transformation and grace. The same year, I co-founded Soul Flow Arts LLC (soon to be Institute!) with my husband, Nova Dasalla, as a platform for training, educating, and coaching health professionals, individuals, and organizations on the neurological and psycho-spiritual benefits of embodied play, especially the Flow Arts. We currently hold transformational flow retreats in Hawaii, virtual trainings, and more! My vision is of a world that remembers how simple and sweet healing can be. I hold emotional attunement as the foundation of all flow practices and I believe that, to love is to flow.