Seed Moves

Tutorial videos for learning the Seed Moves as part of the SpinPoi Instructor Certification.

Figure 8

The figure 8 involves drawing an infinity sign around your body, a movement which can help coordinate your visual and vestibular system.


The pendulum is a very relaxing movement that involves gently swinging the poi. The videos below will teach you how to do extended pendulums and circular pendulums, including a nifty way to turn around.


The butterfly is a beautiful and hypnotic movement that can feel like wings flapping when you get it just right.


The corkscrew is a beautiful movement in which the poi chase each other in a spiral pattern. Spiral movements can help you gain a greater freedom of movement while creating space in your joints.


A flower is a circle of circles, meaning your poi creates circles, or petals, while your arm moves in a circle as well. It’s an amazing stretch for your back, shoulders, arms, and wrists. If you were to trace the path of the poi you would see a mesmerizing pattern emerge that looks just like a beautiful flower.

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun allows you to do a 180 degree turn without interrupting the flow of your poi.