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What poi can do for your health

Originally published in NewsRoom, July 2018 Most kiwis know that poi is a Māori tradition. You may have seen dazzling displays in kapa haka, or even done poi yourself in primary school. But did you know there are many different styles of poi practiced all over the world? And, that twirling poi can improve your […]

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My Experience With Poi and Parkinson’s in a Geriatric Hospital

Especially in Parkinson’s patients, it is sometimes unbelievable to observe how their stiffness dissolves during play, how their focus is directed towards the poi and how accompanying symptoms – such as trembling in the hands or restlessness in the legs – steadily decrease or simply fade away. I’ve also noticed how the mood of the patients rises through the movement to the music, which in turn leads to the stabilization of the general condition.

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