Giovanni Trance Flowers

California, USA

So about 10+ years ago, I discovered the beautiful flow of poi. I discovered it due to finding an interest in the Dance Music culture; I went to a rave festival and was mesmerized by people spinning some lights on strings! Now I had no idea what it was called, all I knew is that I had to do it, and so I definitely did. But I had no clue where I could get any of this poi, so like some others, I decided to throw some tennis balls and socks together. Some days and some weeks went by, and I noticed that it was pretty frustrating getting hit by the poi, lol. But I did also notice that I was getting the hang of the movements quickly and well (I thought maybe from being ambidextrous), so this made things a lot more exciting for me as I was learning all these geometrical/flower patterns and it was all I wanted to do.

I’m the type of person who enjoys movement and finds importance in it, so poi has been my number 1 influence to going outside to play and move more. It’s help me become better with coordination, quick reaction, focus, mobility, serenity and so on. I believe it really is healthy for the mind, body and soul. Like I mentioned earlier that I enjoy and find importance in movement, I do participate in fitness activities almost on the daily, and I find that the movements associated with poi do promote good health towards human mechanics. Our bodies are meant to move in these different planes of motion and doing poi can be very integrating with those motions.

If I had to choose just one tool to use for body movement, it would probably be poi. I find it to go hand in hand with a majority of my interests as I find a connection between them, and with that said, poi will always be something I do and share with the world. If anything, poi is like my symbol for life. But there’s still many great things to learn and experience in my poi journey, so with excitement and love, that’s what I will continue to do. Thank you:) Stay up, stay beautiful <3