Erika Anderson aka Spinclown

Franklin, New Hampshire, USA

My story with poi started when I saw a poi dancer on a favorite sci-fi show. I was about 14 years old and was just so infatuated with the movement incorporating props such as poi. I didn’t know what it was called for several years, but it stuck with me. Then one day, years later, I met a drummer and described how I would love to learn the art of poi while he was drumming. He had casually mentioned that he knew of a group of performers – and that’s where my Poi journey began. I was floored (extremely excited) at this moment with the realization I could actually learn to spin poi!

I discovered retreats around the east coast and other poi artists online and quickly picked up this incredible art. I noticed that my thinking had changed to a more positive tone and felt my depression, stress and anxiety disappear. I noticed my coordination improve, not to mention all the exercise I am getting on a regular basis.

Poi has also helped greatly build up my self confidence – helping me channel away negativity. My mother, who is in her 60’s, picked up hooping a couple years ago after I had performed fire hooping for her during a holiday, and is now learning s-staves (Buugeng). I am always encouraging individuals of all ages to try spinning props when I can. I love seeing them having fun and being in the moment.

I now still poi everyday, and teach others that want to learn poi and other props, as well as perform these arts at various events. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to post a piece of my story.