Virtual SpinPoi Certification Course, Seattle Flow Arts Collective

$200.00 USD From: $100.00 USD


Secure your place in the upcoming virtual SpinPoi Certification Course for Early Childhood Education and Aged Care!

Course Details

This is a 10 hour course delivered over two days: Sunday February 13th, 1-6pm and Sunday March 13th, 1-6pm . Participants are expected to attend the full Zoom sessions and complete 9 hours of homework outside of class.

Before purchasing your registration please visit the course page and read the full course description to ensure you understand what is involved and can meet the prerequisite criteria, which involves a police check.

Your Course Resources

Upon purchase you will gain admittance into the two Zoom course sessions (Feb 13 and March 13). You will also gain access to the following digital course resources and study materials:

✔︎ Complete Early Childhood Pack

✔︎ Complete Senior Pack

✔︎ Complete Beginner Pack


Please direct any inquiries to Kate at [email protected] Looking forward to spinning with you soon!