Poi for Seniors: Up & Spin Guide

$15.00 USD

This digital .pdf guide is for those who would like to facilitate poi sessions for older adults who will primarily stand during exercise.

It includes:

1. Introduction
Brief history of poi, scientific research on poi and health, and poi as a form of play and flow.

2. Types of poi
Details on two kinds of poi that work best for seniors, including a one page printable guide with diagrams on how to make each kind.

3. Preparing for a session
Best practices around preparing the space and preparing yourself as a facilitator.

4. Warm up exercises
Detailed instructions and diagrams for warm up exercises that can be done with and without poi.

5. Poi fundamentals
Detailed instructions and diagrams for the building blocks of poi: two modes of poi movement, plane, timing, and direction. With these building blocks you can provide endless challenge and fun for you and your residents.

6. Your first poi moves
Put the fundamentals into action by learning 4 beginner poi moves with diagrams and descriptions.

7. Routines
Tips for creating good poi routines that will bring everyone together.

8. Cool down exercises
Suggestions for cool down exercises including some movements from Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi.

9. Putting it all together Printable resources to help you get going, including a sample lesson plan and a quick play guide.

Please note you will be purchasing 1 digital (.pdf) download, not a physical copy. For licensing agreements/unlimited downloads, please email [email protected] for more information.