Live Webinar: Facilitating Poi Sessions for Seniors

Discover the power of poi in this hands-on webinar presented by the leading global poi/health exponent Dr. Kate Riegle van West.

Are you looking for a fun new way to help seniors stay physically, mentally, and socially engaged? Poi is an ancient Maori tradition with scientifically proven health benefits. It is also undeniably fun! Learn how you can work with poi in this 1-hour webinar, including a presentation and hands-on poi workshop. Perfect for those who already work with, or would like to work with, older adults or for those looking after older loved ones at home. During the webinar you will:

  • Learn about the types of poi, and which ones are appropriate for older adults at different levels of care (e.g. independently living, assisted living, dementia)
  • Learn about the scientifically proven health benefits of poi for older adults
  • Explore the two modes of poi movements
  • Practice the poi fundamentals of plane, timing, and direction
  • Learn how to use the modes of movement and the fundamentals to create an infinite combination of fun and challenging exercises
  • Have a chance to ask Dr. Riegle van West any questions you may have

Please note that poi is required for this webinar. Don’t have any? Whip some up with the help of our DIY poi making video.