Application for Up & Spin Certification

Congratulations on beginning your certification journey! Please see the checklist below for all the components of the certification process. You may complete the components in any order, and send in your documents/videos one at a time as you complete them or all at once. Your certification will not be evaluated until all of the components have been recieved.

Please reference the application instructions for full details.


Please send all application materials to: [email protected]

Turn in Qualify Documents

  • Police check
  • Letter of Recommendation 1
  • Letter of Recommendation 2 (optional)
  • Proof of Additional Qualifications (optional)

Turn in Practical Exam

By submitting your application, you agree to your practical exam routine videos becoming part of the SpinPoi certified instructor database. This means your routine videos will be viewable by other SpinPoi certified instructors only (NOT the general public). The routine videos are a valuable resource for our community, helping to inspire instructors around the world.